IEC Home Group

English Home Group Leaders


Jacqui Horbury Tel. 00 351 91850087

Glenn Bowden

Tel.00 351 925135924

Isabel Fereira Tel. 00 351 917089652

Santa Bárbara de Neixe: 
Barbara Jane Foreman Tel. 00 351 289355331

Portuguese Home Group Vale Judeu 
Pastor Barry Tel. 00 351 969015091

Home Groups focus on a particular text or theme from the Bible following the our Sunday Services.  Studying in a small group allows us to participate in an exploration of God’s Word and to discuss its implications for our lives and the world around us, furthering our understanding of the Bible and of the Christian faith. It also allows us to enjoy fellowship.

Home study discussions stimulate both the intellect and the spirit. 
Members frequently come from a variety of cultural and denominational backgrounds and levels of faith, ranging from long-standing Christians to those who are uncertain. 
Home groups allow all of us to explore, share, express, and discuss our knowledge, feelings, and experiences in a friendly and non-judgmental environment. 
As members share their thoughts and experiences, strong friendships are forged amidst laughter, goodwill, and understanding. 

Christians strong in faith join Home Groups because they know that they will enjoy fellowship, explore God´s word, form friendships, and find strength, understanding, and encouragement as they continue on their journey. Christians struggling with questions of faith can find a place to express and discuss their questions. As most of us already know, talking something over frequently helps us to clarify and put things into perspective. Non-believers are able to better their understanding of what the Christian faith is all about, as well as voice and express their questions, concerns, and obstacles to belief. For new church members, home groups can be especially helpful as a way of meeting other members of congregation and settling into our church family.