Almond Tree Café

Currently Closed Due to Covid


The Almond Tree Café will be open for lunch in the new Hall from 12.00 - 16.00 on Thursdays.

We will be serving soup and rolls, coffee or tea and cakes or scones - payment is by donation.

Why not stay for lunch after Bible Study or come for lunch before a game of Boules? Or just come for lunch - we are open for anyone regardless of whether or not they are members of the church.

If you live in the Algarve or are just visiting, we want to encourage you to make use of this facility. Whether or not you come to the Bible Study or for a game of Boules in the afternoon, that doesn't matter, just pop in. Bring a friend and enjoy the food, company and environment that God has blessed us with. You will be very welcome and we hope to see you there very soon.

For your information: The food and drinks work on a donation basis - you give what you feel led to give. If you can’t afford to give that is ok, just come anyway; don’t let it stop you from coming. This initiative is not there to make money but obviously there are costs involved in the provision of the food.

A discreet box marked 'donations' will be made available each Thursday if you would like to support this ministry. Consider how much we happily part with every time we go for a light lunch in any one of the cafes and restaurants across the Algarve? Why not support this ministry while at the same time benefiting from good food and fellowship? Your contribution will enable us to continue serving the Body of Christ and the wider community in the Algarve.


New year, new things at IECA by Pastor Mark Loney (adapted from an article in the Spring 2018 Newsletter)

As of the 11th of January 2018 we began a new initiative of providing light lunches, cakes and scones, tea and coffee every Thursday between 12 and 4pm in our new church hall. The Lord has provided us with a lovely new building which is already being used every Thursday morning for our weekly Bible Study and time of prayer. We thought, “why not keep the building open after the Bible study and make food available creating an opportunity for folks to stay and enjoy fellowship?” Often on Sundays our time for fellowship is limited but we recognise the importance of connecting with others and developing meaningful relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Many retired members of our congregation and visitors have time to spare during the week and long to spend time with other Christians. Also for many who live in the Algarve and are away from their home country, the church family becomes an important support base and source of company and encouragement.

We also would love this endeavour to serve as an opportunity to connect with those who are in the Algarve and do not yet know the Lord. When our Bible Garden is complete we want to invite people from across the Algarve to come and use the garden as a place of prayer, meditation and contemplation of the things of God. Having our cafe open every Thursday can be a useful tool for those who want to invite a friend to experience the Village on the Hill, without them feeling intimidated by a religious service. We pray that the Bible garden and coffee shop idea will serve as a bridge over what are often seen as insurmountable obstacles of preconceived ideas about church life that so often keep people out of earshot the Gospel.

Above all please support this venture with your prayers. It is a spiritual endeavour with the purpose of edifying the Body of Christ and extending His Kingdom here in the Algarve.