Morning Afternoon Evening
Sunday 10.30 English Service
 with translation
3.30 Portuguese Service with translation  

14.00 BJ's Art Class* 19.30 BJ's Art Class*
19.00 Estudo Biblico
1ª mensal 19.00 - Mães em Oração
Tuesday   14.30 (alternate weeks) São Bras Home Group*  
Wednesday 10.00 BJ's Art Class*
9.30 & 11.30 Portuguese Classes*
3rd monthly 9.00 - Men's Breakfast*
13.00 (alternate weeks) Prayer for Persecuted Christians
14.30 BJ's Art Class*
3rd monthly 19.00 - SHE Ladies Group*
Thursday 10.30 Bible Study  
12.00 Coffee Shop   
13.30 Boules 19.00 Guitar Lessons*
19.30 (alternate weeks) Quarteira Home Group*
Friday 10.30 Boliquieme/Vilamoura Home group* Restarts late October   Last monthly 20.00 Inbetweener's Group*
Saturday     20.00 Youth Group

*Please note that some events do not run during holiday periods - see monthly calendars or contact leaders to check dates

If you would like any more information about the events mentioned here please feel free to contact us on