Who are we?

International a congregation of many nations joined together with the purpose of worshipping God and fellowshipping with one another. Our backgrounds and races are diverse but we are united as a local assembly of God’s people, seeking to honour Him and serve one another in the way Christ taught. Sunday morning services are in English and translated simultaneously into Portuguese (translation into German is also available on request). This way, the church is able to open its doors to those who would have difficulty following the English service. What unites this community of Portuguese, foreign residents and tourists—in spite of all its colourful diversity—is their love for Jesus Christ.

Evangelical – we are an interdenominational fellowship of Christians who accept the Bible as God’s absolute authority over our lives and church. Although we are not affiliated to any specific evangelical denomination, we consider ourselves to be part of the spiritual worldwide family of God’s people. Our message is one of seeking to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and teaching the whole Bible as the inspired and infallible Word of God.  

Church – we see our gatherings primarily as an opportunity for Christians to worship God collectively as the family of God, receive spiritual nourishment through the teaching of the Bible and provide an opportunity for Christian service in the form of caring for one another as Christ himself taught us to do. 

Algarve –There is a large, English-speaking, expatriate community living across the Algarve who have left their families and local churches and need a spiritual home while living overseas. It is our desire to develop a family atmosphere where these expatriates can feel welcome and loved. We recognize that the Algarve is also made up of Portuguese nationals and a large Portuguese-speaking expatriate community who also need to hear the message of the Gospel and belong to a local Christian community. We praise God for our Portuguese brothers and sisters who worship with us and in recent years the numbers have grown to the point that we have a weekly Portuguese language Sunday service and other activities in Portuguese that take place throughout the week. We also have the great privilege of receiving holiday-makers who come from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of the Algarve at various times of the year and many also seek out a local church where they can worship and receive spiritual nourishment while on holiday. 

If you are visiting the Algarve, or live here permanently, we would love you to join with us and further enrich the international aspect of our services. It is our prayer that God will use your visit to bless and encourage you.